Putting The United Back Into The United States: Author Manuel Hinds On The 5 Things That Each Of Us Can Do To Help Unite Our Polarized Society

Interview with Tyler Gallagher, Authority Magazine

Test your results by approaching someone close to you, starting by saying that you value them more than any position on any issue, and then telling them about the process you have been going through. Then tell them what positions that you were firmly against you are now ready to accept, both because you have come to understand them, or because you want to keep the relation going — that is, to agree to disagree.

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Manuel Hinds’ Urgent Case for Democratic Principles

Interview with Imagine Publishing

What is in danger is not the survival of the United States but that of American democracy. This happened in Rome about 400 years before the collapse of the Roman state. What started as class animosities ended up in military confrontations between factions. These confrontations destroyed the social cohesion that had united Rome into a formidable democratic power.

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