In Defense of Liberal Democracy

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Title: In Defense of Liberal Democracy: What We Need to Do to Heal a Divided America
Published by: Imagine
Release Date: April 13, 2021
Pages: 304
ISBN13: 978-1623545093


In Defense of Liberal Democracy is a clarion call for today's divided time: a bold reaffirmation of the liberal democratic principles that have carried America through each crisis in its history—and can do so again.

Merging expert historical, political, and economic analysis, In Defense of Liberal Democracy shows how our recent technological revolution--what high-profile economist Manuel Hinds calls the Connectivity Revolution—has led to a crisis of divisiveness. Assessing the angry rhetoric and polarization of current political and social discourse in the US, Hinds considers the dangers of seeking populist solutions to our current upheaval and shows how the traditions and institutions of liberal democracy restored prosperity, freedom, and social equity during the Industrial Revolution, the Great Depression, and other periods of political instability. Hinds examines our national past and present (up to and including the 2020 presidential election) to illustrate how current events can be as dramatic as any historical legacy in warning us of the danger of abandoning our democratic principles.


“Weaving threads of history, philosophy, and economics, Manuel Hinds makes a powerful case for classical liberal democracy…in a time of dizzying technological and social upheaval.”
Benn Steil, director of international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations and author of The Marshall Plan: Dawn of the Cold War

“Manuel Hinds gives us a masterful work that bravely stands between liberal democracy and the dustbin of history. While violent new voices threaten to erase freedoms and dismantle the sacred traditions that hold nations together, Hinds retrieves lessons from history and shows us a smarter way forward. Democracy needs defenders, and Hinds stands guard at the gates.”
Todd G. Buchholz, former White House director of economic policy and the author of The Price of Prosperity